The Microinverter Advantage


sedroAPsystems microinverters boost system efficiency by up to 20 percent by individually monitoring and maximizing power generation for each module in an array, giving your customers more energy for their money.

How? Shifting environmental factors constantly challenge the efficiency of solar arrays; shade, dust, and debris can lower the power output of an individual module. With a conventional “string” inverter system, the lowest-performing module determines the productivity of the entire array – the shadow of a single leaf will compromise the power output of the whole system.

 APsystems microinverters provide additional efficiencies by independently optimizing the output from each solar module. If one solar panel is shaded, all the others in the array will still operate at full power.                          

Built into each APsystems microinverter is a function called Maximum Power Point Tracking. Working at hundreds of times per second, each unit continually finds the greatest possible module power, increasing overall system performance substantially.


factory1APsystems microinverters are designed for the same lifespan as the solar modules and are available with either a 10 or 25-year warranty.

All APsystems products undergo rigorous factory testing, evaluation and field tracking, guaranteeing you the most dependable microinverters on the market. Data shows APsystems microinverters consistently outperform the industry standard for reliability, which means fewer callbacks for your crews.

APsystems microinverters also allow you to track the efficiency of each individual module. Unlike string inverters, microinverters give you the exact information you need to modify the system to maximize efficiency. Saving you time, and saving your customers money.




factory2APsystems microinverters are safer to install and maintain than string inverters. Unlike central inverters that carry extremely high DC voltages, microinverters tie directly to the low-voltage PV module and connect to the grid via standard AC voltages. All APsystems microinverters feature the safety-enhancing Rapid Shutdown functionality required under the new National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014.

APsystems microinverters not only enhance homeowner safety by eliminating the possibility of high-voltage “arc” fires, they also make your crew’s job easier, quicker and safer.





forecastThe APsystems microinverter simplifies system design with compact, integrated form factor for easy installation. Unlike String inverters, which require:

1) even rooftops so all panels are exactly in alignment,

2)no shade whatsoever,

3) clean panels(no leaves or detritus)

4) exact calculations by a qualified engineer who can design the installation in advance and be able to adhere strictly to that design on the roof, Microinverters work individually with each module, so the roof design can take place as the installation is occurring.

Uneven surfaces will only minimally affect the total array output and shade will reduce output only for the one module affected. With only one microinverter needed for every two PV modules, half the inverters and half the installation time means real cost savings for your customers.

In addition, a system designed with microinverters is easily expandable, allowing your customers to phase their investment and add to their installation at a later time.

Installer Support

Blue Frog provides full installation support from customer service to training, to ensure that your crews are working as efficiently as possible. Training programs cover proper installation and setup of the microinverters. Click here to access the training webinars and videos.

Our new mobile app is designed to make installation faster and simpler, saving you and your customers time and money. The ArrayApp mobile application allows installer to map PV arrays and complete the APsystems microinverter registration process from the field. Serial numbers on each microinverter unit are scanned using a wireless barcode reader or camera and entered immediately into the Blue Frog customer database for warranty and support. Real time data entry eliminates mistakes in the field and minimizes call backs. Click here to learn more on the APsystems website.




We are proud of the quality and reliability of APsystems inverters – and just as proud of the warranty that backs them. All APsystems microinverters come with a standard 10-year warranty (25-year buyer option), giving you an extra measure of confidence in the protection that comes with every unit.  Click here to learn more about the APsystems Warranty.