Summer rebate heats up (and it’s even hotter for first-time Blue Frog installers)

Blue Frog installers,

Summertime means lots of solar being installed, and with the A+ Rewards summer incentive programs, there’s no better time to purchase Blue Frog/APS microinverters.

Plus, APS America is now offering a huge bonus incentive for first-time installers.


With the new Tiered Rewards Program, the more Blue Frog/APS microinverters you buy through Sept. 30, 2015, the bigger your rebate – up to $15 back per unit.

That’s right: Every APS YC500 microinverter you purchase from us through Sept. 30, 2015, will earn you up to $15 back from APS. Show proof of purchase through the rebate website, and APS will send you a Visa® Gift Card with value added for every microinverter purchased during that period.

Here’s how it works:

Purchase up to 50 APS microinverters (the basic tier), and you’ll receive a $5 rebate per unit. Order more, and watch your rebate grow with every tier:

  • 1-50 units purchased: $5 rebate per unit
  • units 51-150 purchased: $10 rebate per unit
  • units 151-400 purchased: $13 rebate per unit
  • units 401-plus purchased: $15 rebate per unit

The rebates are tiered, and the number of units you purchase adds up over the course of the promotion, so as you order more, your rebate level increases.

For example, the rebate amount for a 500-unit total would be $6,000 (calculated as 50 @ $5, plus 100 @ $10, plus 250 @ $13, plus 100 @ $15). That’s tremendous savings you won’t find anywhere else in the industry – our reward to you for being a Blue Frog/APS partner installer.

Are you a first-time Blue Frog/APS installer? It gets even better. 

First-time Blue Frog/APS installers who order microinverters through Blue Frog Solar will receive even more: a $250 Visa® Gift Card, and a free ECU (Energy Communication Unit) – with free monitoring for the life of the product. Plus the tiered rebate on top of that.

With $250 back and a free ECU with free monitoring, power your solar summer with Blue Frog/APS microinverters and find out why APS is the fastest-growing solar microinverter provider in the world.

Full terms and conditions of the rebate program are available at, or email aplus [at] apsamerica [dot] com.

There’s never been a better time to bring Blue Frog/APS microinverters to your customers, and we’re glad to partner with APS for this incredible promotion.

Remember: The new APS A+ Rewards Tiered Rebate & First Time Installer Programs run July 1 through Sept. 30, 2015.

Place your order with Blue Frog Solar today for prompt fulfillment.

Author: Blue Frog Solar