New monitoring and data interface launched for Blue Frog microinverter users

Blue Frog Solar installers: APsystems has launched a new, redesigned version of its Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA) website

The web-based platform, available for free on any connected device, monitors and reports module-level energy production of solar arrays that utilize Blue Frog/APsystems microinverters, and provides that information to homeowners and end users in a convenient and user-friendly format.

The site also enables APsystems-registered solar installers and contractors to lower their maintenance costs by creating and managing their customers’ PV installation accounts remotely.

Key features of the new EMA site include a more attractive design and a more engaging user experience with an enhanced system dashboard, system management tools and improved reporting functions.

The new EMA website is active and available now, the result of a seamless transition from the previous site to the new interface. The added functionality addresses the high demand for detailed data and enhanced capability in a more user-friendly experience for the growing and competitive solar industry.

“This is great re-launch of the popular EMA website,” said Tim Bailey, Blue Frog Solar co-founder. “The design enhancements give Blue Frog microinverter installers and end users a more in-depth view of their array’s energy production and performance over time, in a more dynamic user interface.”

Users can view their solar array performance using the same URL and log-in information as before at, through the APsystems EMA App or by visiting the Blue Frog website at and clicking “EMA Login” under “Resources”.




Author: Blue Frog Solar