Microinverters for macro solar success

It’s been a blue-ribbon year at Blue Frog Solar.

It’s all thanks to you, our installers, for selecting Blue Frog/APsystems microinverters for your residential and commercial solar projects. You’ve made our certified Made In Washington microinverters the inverter of choice across the Northwest solar market. Our YC500-MIW is powering homes and businesses throughout the region, a key component of our massive shift toward clean, renewable energy.

Microinverter technology has found the sweet spot for power, reliability and low cost that solar installers and their customers are looking for. How popular are they?

A leading analytics firm recently noted that Module Level Power Electronics shipments including microinverters and related products could hit 1.5 gigawatts by year’s end in the U.S. alone. The MLPE segment could see five-fold growth by 2017, topping 5 gigawatts shipped.

Microinverters are here to stay. And Blue Frog Solar will be here for you.
Author: Blue Frog Solar