High quality, low price – APsystems microinverters


Solar installers: Give your customers outstanding reliability and power – and extra value – with APsystems microinverters.

The incentives for Washington made inverters may be going away, but Blue Frog Solar is working hard to bring you the lowest prices for one of the most advanced microinverters on the market today.

These proven, top-quality YC500 microinverters from APsystems offer the same great features as our Blue Frog MIW “blue label” units, just manufactured out of state. Blue Frog Solar has these micros in stock and ready to ship at extremely competitive pricing. (Note: Inverters no longer qualify for Washington state solar incentives.)

Remember that all YC500 microinverters are backed by standard 10-year or buyer-option 25-year warranties from APsystems, a global leader in solar Module Level Power Electronics technology. Choose Blue Frog Solar and APsystems with confidence!

Registered installers can login here to see our current pricing, with discounts offered for volume orders. Contact Blue Frog Solar and place your order today for prompt fulfillment.

Coming soon: APsystems YC600 ‘smart grid’ microinverter

APsystems is rolling out the next-gen YC600 microinverter, a dual-module, smart grid and Rule 21 compliant unit – and Blue Frog Solar will have it!

A groundbreaking design in microinverter technology, the YC600 will offer the highest peak output with faster transmission speed. A wider MPPT voltage range means greater energy harvest for homeowners.

The YC600 is designed for today’s high-output PV panels, rated for modules up to 365W, enhanced to meet the latest grid compliance standards while providing unprecedented power and dual, independent MPPT.

This bold new unit builds on the highly successful APsystems line of multi-module microinverters, simplifying installation and reducing logistics costs.

Blue Frog will have the APsystems YC600 available to ship in late Q4 – watch for more information soon about pricing, and get ready to bring this powerful new microinverter to your customers!

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Author: Blue Frog Solar