Easy money just got easier


Now get $15 back for EVERY Blue Frog YC500 microinverter.

Blue Frog and APS have updated our unprecedented offer to make it even easier for installers to try APS and put in their pocket. Now until September 30th, installers can earn $15 back for every Blue Frog/APS YC500 microinverter purchased through Blue Frog Solar.

Installers can receive a VISA® Gift Card with $15 value added for every Blue Frog/APS microinverter purchased. That’s $210 back in your pocket for an average residential installation with 14 APS YC500 dual-module microinverters (other models not eligible). Do you complete five jobs a week? That’s more than $1,000 back to your bottom line – easy money for choosing Blue Frog/APS microinverters.

First time Blue Frog installers can get even more – including a free APS Energy Communication Unit.

Click here for program details.

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Author: Blue Frog Solar