APsystems micros: tough enough for the Arctic, and the NW


When residents of a remote Canadian village put in a community solar array, they needed a microinverter built for the toughest conditions.

Did we mention the village of Pond Inlet, Nunavut, sits well above the Arctic Circle? Latitude 72N, to be precise – a challenging environment by any standards.

So the installer, Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative, chose APsystems YC1000 true 3-phase microinverters for the Pond Inlet Community Hall, now the northernmost grid-tied array in the Americas.

In just three weeks beneath the Arctic sun, the 9.3kW system produced 590kWh of power, saving hundreds of dollars on the municipal power bill for a remote, 1,500-person hamlet that otherwise relies on fossil fuels for power – a real environmental win! Read the whole story here.

These same rugged APsystems microinverters are available through Blue Frog Solar: the YC500 dual-module microinverter for residential installations, and YC1000 multi-module unit for demanding 3-phase commercial layouts.

Remember that all our microinverters are backed by standard 10-year or buyer-option 25-year warranties from APsystems, a global leader in solar Module Level Power Electronics technology.

Tough enough for the Arctic Circle, tough enough for the Pacific NW –  choose APsystems microinverters from Blue Frog Solar for your customers today!

Author: Blue Frog Solar