Washington-made Solar Products

Double Your Savings with Made-In-Washington Solar Products!

Right now, Washington state offers one of the most innovative and generous solar incentive programs in the United States. Most importantly, if the solar products you purchase are MADE-IN-WASHINGTON, your savings TRIPLE!

To maximize these in-state financial incentives, you will need solar products like the ones sold by Blue Frog that are actually Made in Washington. Reputable solar installers will be familiar with federal, state and other local requirements and be capable of installing a system that meets all standards to maximize your savings.

  • Begin by earning annual payouts up to $5,000 until 2020
  • Triple+ savings with Made-in-Washington products
  • Earn tax credits for initial purchase of solar equipment
  • Earn consumer credits for installing grid-tied small scale solar power systems
  • Earn $$$ for electricity you produce
  • Increased incentives for Community Solar Projects
  • Add local WA utilities renewable energy production incentives
  • Sell “green tags”- RECs – the fact that you produced green electricity to someone else

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