Blue Frog’s HOT ‘Summer of $16K’ rebate is here!

Summer is here, and with it our hot rebate season for Blue Frog installers.

Blue Frog is partnering with APsystems to offer the “Summer of $16K” promotion: June 1 through Sept. 30, earn up to $40 back per microinverter – up to $16,000 in total cash, no-wait rebates.

Purchase and install at least 20 of Blue Frog/APsystems microinverters (all models are eligible, including our blue-label Made In Washington micros and APsystems black-label units) and then register your installation(s). Your installations will show up in your online APsystems account and you’re on your way to 16K!

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Rewards are based on tiers and as you install, your total grows and your rebate grows with it.

Start out with a $20 rebate per microinverter, and once you reach 50 units installed, you’re getting $30 for each additional microinverter you install.

Will you do more than 15 residential installations this summer? If so, you might hit our top tier! After 250 micros installed, you’re getting $40 back per unit – that’s $560 in your pocket on an average residential installation. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get an additional $500 for trying out our YC1000 three phase microinverter (min. 15kw).

That brings the summer’s rewards to $16,000 from APsystems!

Visit the promotion website,, for details on payouts and program terms and conditions.

With $16,000 in rewards, there’s no better time to bring Blue Frog/APsystems microinverters to your solar customers.

Place your volume order today, and watch the rebate heat up through the Summer of $16K.

Author: Blue Frog Solar