Our Values

We believe doing the right thing begins at home. That is why we located our Blue Frog manufacturing facility right here in Washington: to bring jobs to our local economy, offer high-quality products that protect our environment, and establish our state as a leader in renewable energy innovation. Our team is committed to excellence in our products and customer service, and to promoting safe, affordable solar energy for a cleaner and healthier planet.

Our Business

Blue Frog Solar manufactures certified Made In Washington microinverters under license from global leader APsystems. Blue Frog was founded in 2011 in Poulsbo, WA, to bring the finest solar design and technology to the Pacific Northwest.

Through our Simple Solar program, we now offer a complete solar financing, materials and installation package for residential and commercial PV systems. The Simple Solar program offers the best pricing, smoothest and most buyer-friendly process for installing Made In Washington solar arrays.

Our Team

Blue Frog is also proud to have broad support from many experienced consultants. As traditional energy costs rise and natural resources deplete, solar and other alternative energy products are the future. We guarantee that we strive constantly to improve our products, services and operations.

Kelly Samson

Kelly brings over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur to Blue Frog Solar. He has established companies in several countries including Mongolia and the United States. His most recent projects include sustainable real estate development and zero carbon consulting for the Asani Group, as a part of their upcoming Grow Community project. Kelly is active in a variety of non-profit activities and is a founding member of ExtendTheDay.org, a charity dedicated to bringing solar power to rural African villages in Namibia.

Tim Bailey

Tim Bailey first started working with small companies over 30 years ago as a management consultant for Accenture. His expertise has been called upon by a broad range of firms including LucasFilm ltd., Broderbund Software and FMC. A client-centered approach to business, combined with a life long interest in sustainable energy led him to co-found Blue Frog solar. He predicts that the industry is about to grow rapidly, and that investing in solar manufacturing within the United States is an excellent strategy. Tim holds an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Rob Satterwhite

Rob brings over 30 years’ experience delivering technically complex solutions in high tech industries with companies including Microsoft and Data General. With roles including Operations Manager for Microsoft Update’s global server operations, and Technical Support Manager for Microsoft Update, he also managed Bing’s legal compliance for the Yahoo! and Nokia partnerships.

His database design, data analysis and reporting experience has brought a holistic end-to-end approach to identifying and resolving issues, and he provided on-site hardware support for Data General as their Western Regional Support Specialist.

Rob has a BA in Information Systems from the Business School at the University of Washington.

Steffany Mootry

Steffany has more than a decade of experience in office management. She joined Blue Frog Solar at its inception as office manager and executive assistant to the president. She also manages the accounting and customer finance functions.

After graduating from Central Washington University, Steffany joined Samson Family Land Co., a real estate development company. She has over 14 years’ experience in administration and customer service.

Dana Gosney

Prior to joining Blue Frog, Dana had 30 years of high-tech management experience – including six years helping to create the digital signage industry with 3M Digital Out of Home, and Spyeglass. At Spyeglass he was responsible (as CTO) for software development, technical support and customer service, project management (large-scale system design, implementation, deployment and ongoing support), content development, and hardware platform evaluation.

Dana also founded an interactive design firm, was worldwide vice president of operations for Aldus Corporation (makers of PageMaker and After Effects, among other well-known software titles), vice president of R&D and worldwide operations for Frame Technology (creators of FrameMaker), and has held a number of other executive-level technology management positions.


Marja Preston

With over 20 years experience in natural resource policy and urban development, Marja provides business development, strategy, concept development, marketing and branding expertise to a variety of business ventures and nonprofits. Most recently Marja created the concept for the Grow Community and led the integrated development team at Asani to implement the project – the largest renewable energy residential project in Washington State. Prior to joining Asani, she assisted the Wildlife Conservation Society in a project to monitor the investment strategies of conservation trust funds throughout the world.  Marja is an active member of the Urban Land Institute Sustainable Development Council and volunteers with the Friends of the Farms Agricultural Lands Committee.

Giving Back

Blue Frog believes in giving back, where we live and beyond.

Extend the Day
Habitat for Humanity